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 Have you noticed how everyone gravitates toward the kitchen at any good party? Preparing a meal with associates is the most natural way to bring people together. CAMAJE’s events for business functions and private cooking classes are relaxed and fun, yet informative and professional.

How do the private classes at CAMAJE Bistro work? You and your friends or clients arrive and we ply you with wine or beer (or anything else, though we do not have a full liquor license).  After 15 minutes or so, we hand out recipe packets and gather people around to discuss the menu.  Chef Abby talks through the recipes in some detail.  The group will be typically be broken up into 3 sub-groups (though it depends on how many people are in the group) to work on the prep for the various parts of the menu.  All of this takes place in the dining area, which will be closed for your group for about 2 hours until you are ready to sit for your meal.  (Unless your group has fewer than 10 participants, in which case the restaurant stays open while you are prepping and cooking.) We head to the kitchen as needed to prepare the various parts of the menu and ultimately we transform the dining area from prep area to one big table for eating. Classes last between 3 and 4 hours.


Popular Business Event Themes


Enjoying Abby's Cooking Class


Farmer’s Market * French * Italian Sushi * Thai * Indian * Moroccan * Fish Techniques * Hors d’oeuvre * Tapas & Mezze * Competitive “Iron Chef” Style 
(any dietary restrictions can be accommodated) 

Chef Abby loves to cook and eat just about everything so there is almost no limit on what we can cook together! For full menu ideas, we recommend looking at the regular cooking class page (  Chef Abby will work with your group to plan a perfect menu for your event.

“Thanks again for a phenomenal event on Friday! The entire team had a lot of fun learning about and tasting lots of sparkling wines. The food was delicious as well. We appreciate you coordinating a fun evening”. – Alanna Hart, Deloitte Consulting LLP